Wisconsin Corn-Soy Expo is growing

The popularity of the Wisconsin Corn-Soy Expo continues to grow. A joint effort of the Wisconsin Corn Growers, Wisconsin Soybean Association and Wisconsin Pork Association has drawn record-attendance this year around 1,700.  Bob Karls is Executive Director of the Wisconsin Soybean Association and the Wisconsin Soybean Board, he says the appeal of the trade show,... Read more »

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Midday cash livestock prices

A few bids on the cattle are being reported at 252.00 on a dressed basis in Nebraska on Friday, following a light trade yesterday with just a few cattle reported selling at 250.00. On a live basis cattle sold in Kansas, Texas and Nebraska from 159.00 to 160.50, about steady to $1.00 lower than last... Read more »

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What goes around, comes around

The livestock industry saw record profits in 2014 and is expecting another profitable year in 2015.  Mike Boehlje from Purdue’s Center for Food and Agriculture Business says they shouldn’t get too comfortable – as grain farmers were in a similar position just a few years ago. “The lessons are very clear,” he says.  “The lessons... Read more »

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Improving genetic selection in the sheep industry

Taking a page from others livestock species, the sheep industry is putting an emphasis on genetic improvement. Reid Redden, chairman of the National Sheep Improvement Program (NISP) says in order for the sheep industry to remain profitable, sheep producers will need to do a better job when it comes to genetic selection. To help with... Read more »

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Missouri corn and soybean prospects in Cuba

Missouri ag leaders are on board with expanding ag trade with Cuba and the head of the state’s Corn Growers Association says it’s a great opportunity to market Missouri corn. Gary Marshall tells Brownfield Ag News,  “We raise a lot of corn in southeast Missouri and a lot of that goes right down the Mississippi river... Read more »

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Kopperud: Agriculture needs more effective messaging

Agriculture needs to find more effective ways of communicating with consumers. That was the message conveyed to Iowa Pork Congress attendees by Steve Kopperud, Washington, D.C. ag lobbyist and author of Brownfield’s “Inside D.C.” blog. Kopperud says agriculture is doing a better job of fighting back against its critics.  But he says it has a... Read more »

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Getting back in the sheep business

Lealand Schoon of White River, South Dakota is one of the SheepSD participates attending the ASI Annual Convention in Reno. When Lealand decided to get back in the sheep business SheepSD wasn’t available, that came about a year later. Since then, Lealand has found the networking and mentorship opportunities SheepSD provides a big help. To... Read more »

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Sailing through rough waters

At a recent LEAD Alumni Conference in Kearney, Nebraska, we asked farm consultant Moe Russell of Iowa-based Russell Consulting Group for his thoughts on the grain markets and some things farmers can do to keep their ships afloat through the current down cycle. AUDIO: Moe Russell

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Fonterra cuts milk production forecast

The worsening drought in New Zealand prompted dairy giant Fonterra to reduce its milk volume forecast for the 2014-15 year by 3.3 percent. Fonterra says total milk volume for the co-op this season will be 1.53 billion kilograms of milk solids, 3.3 percent below the record 1.58 billion last year. (3.36 billion pounds this season compared to 3.47... Read more »

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SheepSD completes third year

Dave Ollila, Sheep Field Specialist with South Dakota State University Extension updated the ASI Let’s Grow committee during the ASI Annual Convention in Reno, Nevada. Talking with Brownfield’s Dave Russell, Ollila said SheepSD is making a difference with young producers participating in the program expanding their operations. Audio: Dave Ollila, Sheep Field Specialist, SDSU Extension... Read more »

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