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  • CFTC Fines Two Grain Trading Operations October 1, 2015
    The Commodities Futures Trading Commission publicized two enforcement actions against physical grain trading operations in the past week. The total price tag: Just shy of $1 million dollars.
  • Low Water, Lock Repairs Cause Shipping Delays September 28, 2015
    Shipping problems moved from a cause of too much water to too little water, weakening river basis. Gulf basis has strengthened, as shippers try to entice grain to move south despite river hang-ups.
  • Perspective on China's Big Soybean Buy September 25, 2015
    China agreed to buy about 17% of what USDA forecasts they'll import in 2015-16, and one reader asks whether China's fearful of supply changes or if it's just trying to lock-in a reliable supply.
  • Possible Rail Shutdown Threatened if Safety Law Extension Not Granted September 21, 2015
    Most railroads still a year or more away from implementing the new federally mandated system of safety measures; there is concern that if the deadline isn't met Dec. 31, railroads will stop rail service and cease hauling commodities and other products.
  • FSA Acreage Debacle September 16, 2015
    FSA's trouble releasing the right data was more interesting than what the data actually said.
  • Heavier Loads on the Roads? September 14, 2015
    The Safe, Flexible, and Efficient Trucking Act, would allow freight shipping to be more efficient while creating less pavement wear and tear and improving safety on roads and bridges, according to Wisconsin Rep. Reid Ribble.

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