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  • Record Trading Volumes in Ag July 2, 2015
    Tuesday, June 30, 2015 set volume records in futures and options markets as well as the electronic cash market.
  • Additional Rains Add Insult to Injury Caused by Tropical Storm Bill June 29, 2015
    Tropical Storm Bill dumped 4 or more inches of rain in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas. More rains following that storm have added to flooding problems in those states.
  • Tropical Storm Bill Adds to Already High Water Conditions June 22, 2015
    As Tropical Storm Bill came up from the Texas coast last weekend and became a tropical depression, it moved through waterlogged states, adding more water to the already high rivers.
  • Cotton's Acreage Conundrum June 17, 2015
    Will declining cotton acreage in the U.S. and China be enough to make a dent in stubbornly high global stockpiles?
  • STB Reviews Rail Transportation of Grain, Rate Regulations June 15, 2015
    A recent STB hearing allowed grain shippers, ag organizations and railroad companies to express their opinions about improving procedures to set fair shipping rates.
  • TAS Orders Available Starting Monday June 12, 2015
    CME Group is rolling out a new futures order type for agriculture products next Monday to help smooth the transition to electronic-only trade, and experts believe the new trade at settlement (TAS) order type has beneficial aspects for the grain industry.

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