Taylor Swift scores $400,000 payday with streaming service return

ABC/Lou RoccoTaylor Swift made a quick $400 thousand grand this month — just by returning her back catalog to all the streaming services.

Taylor’s music was already on the subscription-only Apple Music, but on June 8, she made her five albums available on Spotify, Pandora, Tidal and Amazon, among other services.  According to Billboard, since June 8, those albums garnered an additional 51.53 million streams — an increase of 608% from the previous week. 

The per-stream fee, plus publishing royalties, adds up to about $418,000 bucks in revenue, Billboard estimates.  Sure, Taylor has to split some of that with her co-writers, but all in all, not a bad haul for basically no work.

According to Billboard, Taylor removed her music from Spotify in 2014, in part because she didn’t want her music to be available on the platform’s free, ad-supported version, just the premium paid version.  Spotify wouldn’t accommodate her, so she pulled it.

When she changed her mind this month, it was described as a “celebration” of her most recent album, 1989, selling over 10 million albums worldwide.  However, some believe it was Taylor’s attempt to steal Katy Perry‘s thunder, because the release coincided with the arrival of Katy’s new album, Witness.

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