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Celine Dion Wants Fans to Be Part of Her Return to Las Vegas Stage

Denise TruscelloCeline Dion is returning to the Las Vegas stage this summer and she wants you to be a part of the show. The singer is asking fans to submit videos of themselves performing their own renditions of her song, “I Drove All Night.” A select number of those clips will be compiled into a montage that will play during the opening segment of her revamped residency show.... Read more

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Andy Grammer Says He Knew His Hit Would Either “Annoy People or Be the Biggest Thing Ever”

Sherwin LainezAndy Grammer‘s been releasing singles since 2011, but his latest one, “Honey, I’m Good,” has unexpectedly become the biggest hit of his career.  Andy says that when he wrote the upbeat ode to fidelity, he and his team thought the song was so unusual that it would either be embraced by everyone — or really tick people off.... Read more

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Kelly Clarkson on the End of “American Idol”: “It Feels Like Someone's Burning Down My High School”

Ray Mickshaw/FOXSince it was announced that American Idol’s final season will be next year, many of the show’s alumni have weighed in on their feelings about the end of the show that put them on the map.  But what about the original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson?  She tells the U.K. website Digital Spy, “It feels like someone’s burning down my high school.”... Read more

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