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How Rob Thomas Avoided Writing “A Whole Bunch of Depressing Songs” for His New Album

Emblem/AtlanticRob Thomas has collaborated with legendary musicians like Carlos Santana, Mick Jagger and Willie Nelson, but when it comes to his solo projects, he hasn’t really gone outside his immediate circle — until now.  He says working with outside people for his upcoming album The Great Unknown kept him from writing “a whole bunch of depressing songs.”... Read more

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Charlie Puth on the Success of #1 Hit “See You Again” — “I Think Everyone Can Relate to It”

Catie Laffoon/Atlantic RecordsSinger/songwriter Charlie Puth [pooth] was commissioned to write the song “See You Again” as a tribute to the late Fast & Furious star Paul Walker, and then rapper Wiz Khalifa added his verses to the tune.  The emotional tune, from the Furious 7 soundtrack, has topped the Billboard chart for an impressive 10 weeks and is currently the #1 song in the country. Why is it so popular? Charlie says it’s because he wrote the words to match the way people actually talk to one another.... Read more

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