Vanessa Carlton Debuts Wistful New Single, “Young Heart”

Dine Alone RecordsVanessa Carlton sings about love and regret on her wistful new track, “Young Heart.” The song premiered on Monday and sets the tone for what fans can expect from Vanessa’s upcoming album, Liberman, due out this fall.

The singer explains in a statement that “Young Heart” is about “regretting the way that you loved someone.” She adds, “It’s admission about a person not being able to hand themselves over to their one true love. Ultimately the song is like a letter asking for a second chance.”

The song, which was recorded in Nashville with Vanessa’s musician husband, John McCAuley, marks a more mellow sound for the singer. “I think I’m feeling a little calmer,” she tells Esquire. “And I want things to be more ambient… I want it to go down easy, like honey. It doesn’t have to be loud.”

“Young Heart” marks the first new music release for Vanessa since signing with independent label Dine Alone Records. Her last album, Rabbits on the Run, was released in 2011.

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