Sam Smith: 'It's Important for Me to Keep My Boyfriends to Myself”

Douglas Gorenstein/NBCEarlier this year, Sam Smith briefly dated a guy he met on a video shoot, and plastered photos of the two on vacation together all over his social media accounts.  Now that the two have split, though, Sam says the experience taught him something: if you’re a celebrity, don’t over-share when it comes to your love life.

“I learned some lessons in that brief relationship, definitely,” Sam tells an Australian news site. “I’ve got to keep some things to myself. I’m so honest and so open in everything I do that it’s unnatural for me to be hiding stuff. But it’s important for me to keep my boyfriends to myself moving forward. All the gossip will be in the music.”

Along those same lines, Sam refuses to confirm a British tabloid report that claimed that the man who inspired his Grammy-winning album, In the Lonely Hour, was one of his managers.  “I’m never going to discuss who the record is about, so there’s always going to be speculation,” he explains.

As for the “gossip” being in the music, Sam is working on his next album, but don’t expect to hear anything about it until 2016. “I’ve written a few songs that I’m really excited about but I don’t want to release anything until it’s perfect,” Sam says.

In that same interview, Sam also reveals a few other interesting things:

–He decided to lose weight after seeing a paparazzi photo of himself in a bathing suit. “I don’t want to be the perfect pop star because I’m far from that. But I did see that…picture and thought, ‘F***ing hell, I hate how I look’ so I’m working on trying to be a little bit healthier.”

–When he meets celebrities like Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Madonna, “we mainly talk about music,” he says, adding, “I did have a conversation with Beyonce about food, which was great.”

–He says one of his idols, Lady Gaga, “saved” his Grammy experience earlier this year. “She called me two days before and talked me through it and made me feel very happy about it because I was so nervous,” he says.

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